1 February 2017

Research project on Water-Energy Nexus

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is currently developing a research project on Water-Energy Nexus. The project’s aim is to study water use related to thermal power generation, water-pricing strategies and a quality assessment of discharged waste water from thermal power plants and coal/peat mines.

Currently, generation of electricity by thermal power plants is the second most important source for water abstractions in the European Union. The Water-Energy Nexus research project will intend to clarify whether current low prices for water services paid by the energy industry work in fact as undercover subsidies, preventing this sector from moving towards less water-intensive technologies and, at the same time, hindering the implementation of renewable energies which do not need such vast amounts of water for electricity generation. 

The EEB developed an online questionnaire in other to gather information on this topic from citizens living in one of the 28 EU Member States. You are kindly asked to fill out the questionnaire before 28 February 2017. Please submit any piece of information you have on this subject. 

More information
For more information, please contact Guillermo Gea (EEB).