28 June 2018

Report of the last meeting of the University Council 2017-2018 with Executive Board

Universiteitsraad 2017-2018

The University Council had the last meeting of the academic year with the Executive Board (CvB) on June 25th. The following topics were discussed during the meeting: student statute, research IT, the renewed in-house emergency response regulations and education infrastructure.

Student statute (digital student card)

Last time the council met with the university board, the council postponed its consent on the student statute because it contained an unclear phrase about the (digital) student card. Thus the subject was once again scheduled for this meeting with the board. The board promised a hard copy alternative to the digital student card, for those students that opt for one. The council will be involved in the execution of this hard copy alternative and its evaluation. All of this will be done as soon as possible. Given these promises made by the board, the council consented to the new student statute, with 21 votes in favor and 2 votes against.

Research IT

In 2016 the Executive Board initiated the ‘Research IT’ project, to make the UU more innovative in supporting research with IT-solutions, especially data storage and management. Back then, the University Council and the Board agreed to split the investment in two, to be able to evaluate it more thoroughly in between the two 5 million euro investments. With this evaluation, the University Council was able to conclude that these investments are indeed contributing to research quality, and are not IT-costs in disguise.