27 July 2020

Replacement of all multifunction printers on the UU

The new tender for the multifunction printers at the UU was recently completed and awarded to Xerox. The current multifunctionals have reached the end of their lifecycle and will be replaced by new, more modern multifunctionals. Recycled paper will also be used from now on.

When will the replacement take place?

All multifunctionals will be replaced between now and 14 August. When we expect to be at your location you can read on uu.nl/print under the heading "planning replacement". It is possible that you will not be able to use your favourite printer during the replacement and will have to move to another location. Instructions are included with all new multifunctionals.

What will change on the new multifunctionals?

  • You will have to reconnect your print card. You will find instructions with the multifunctionals. You can also log in manually with your Solis ID and password.
  • There will be new printer names. These are the printer names you will see when you start printing in, for example, Word. For the old multifunctionals you were used to the names Black and Colour. The new names are UUBlack and UUColour. On UU managed workstations these names are automatically in your list of printers: you don't have to do anything.
  • Do you print from your own private device? Then you need to install the new multifunctionals once. Manuals for this are available.
  • The look and feel of the new multifunctionals is different.
  •  You will be able to top up your print credit for the new multifunctionals via the new myprint portal.

Print credit of old and new multifunctional printers is separated.
Your credit balance on the old multifunctionals is not available on the new multifunctionals. Therefore, when you use the new multifunctionals, you have to top up separately. Conversely, your credit for the new multifunctionals is also not available on the old multifunctionals.
When all multifunction machines have been replaced, the remaining balance of the old multifunction machines is transferred to your balance for the new multifunction machines. 

More information and manuals

  • Visit https://www.uu.nl/print for all the basic information and a reference to the manuals you need to get started with the (new) multifunctionals. You will also find the information for the old multifunctionals here.
  • You can also go directly to the manual site for the manuals.
  • You will also find instructions for each new multifunctional on a poster.

Need help?

Please contact the IT Service Desk.