11 November 2019

Renovation of the restaurant UBB from 18-22 November

Automaten en restaurant UBB

Between Monday 18 November and Friday 22 November, the area in and around the restaurant in the University Library in the city centre (UBB) will be adapted and has limited access. After the renovation there will be a luxury coffee station, a snacks machine and an extra soft drinks machine. On Monday the 25th of November, you will be able to make full use of the renewed catering area.

The adjustments are necessary to better match the current supply of Sodexo and MAAS to the demand. The current MAAS vending machines are not sufficient to meet the demand for coffee, soft drinks and snacks. Sodexo is experiencing a decline in demand after lunchtime. This results in an enormous loss in the afternoon. That is why MAAS will expand its vending machines and Sodexo will change its assortment and closing time.

With the renovation, the parties are anticipating the developments in the field of catering. The Sodexo catering location in the UBB will close before 8 July 2020. The MAAS assortment will still be available after this date.


The work will take place between 07.00 and 16.00 hours. Unfortunately, some form of inconvenience is unavoidable. Of course this will be kept to a minimum. The contractor will carry out the work that is accompanied by noise before 09.00 hours.

Offer during renovation

  • You can get coffee and soft drinks from the MAAS vending machines during the renovation.
  • On Monday 18 November, Sodexo will close the restaurant. A limited assortment will then be available in Lodewijk.
  • At the end of the day on Monday 18 November, Sodexo will decide whether the restaurant will be reopened on Tuesday 19 November. Keep an eye on the messages.
  • The Sodexo restaurant will be open again on Wednesday 20 November.

The meeting service and banqueting will not be affected by the renovation.

What will change?

Vending machines for hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks
In addition to the current coffee and soft drinks machines, there will be a luxury coffee station with coffee beans and fresh milk, an extra soft drinks machine and a snacks machine.

After the reopening, the catering facility will close daily at 3 p.m. (in contrast to the current closing time of 6.30 p.m.). After closing time, you can heat up your one dish meals and component meals in a microwave. A component meal consists of food in different compartments. You pay for these meals via a self-scan cash register. This is already used regularly.

More information

Evelyn Maurer, e.maurer@uu.nl