7 January 2019

Renovation of Bolognalaan 101

Renovation of Bolognalaan 101

As you have read previously on the intranet, from February 2019 onwards the faculties of Science, Geosciences and Social and Behavioural Sciences will be able to use the education premises at Bolognalaan 101. These premises will replace the teaching areas in the Willem C. Van Unnik building and on Israëlslaan. Bolognalaan 101 will be shared with the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. This report contains more information about the following subjects:

  • What is the current state of affairs?
  • Layout of the teaching areas on each floor
  • Facilities offered
  • Would you like a tour? No problem!
  • More information

What is the current state of affairs?

The finishing touches of the renovation are currently being made. Despite the tight schedule, the structural and technical handover will take place on 21 December as planned. We will use the month of January to equip the rooms with AV installations, furniture and the data network. We will naturally test everything thoroughly to ensure that it all works properly, allowing the teaching to start on 4 February 2019.

Layout of the teaching areas on each floor

The premises on Bolognalaan will house lecture halls, seminar rooms, computer rooms and a large study area. There are no office functions here, other than a few flexible workstations for lecturers. The layout of the building is described below.

Ground floor: mainly used by the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU)
First floor: shared use by the HU and UU plus UU study area
Second floor: seminar rooms, computer rooms and project rooms
Third floor: a few seminar rooms and project rooms

Ground floor: mainly used by the HU
begane grond bolognalaan

The ground floor houses the central reception and the so-called student lending point (STUP). The UU will also be able to use two lecture halls and a seminar room (dark green in the drawing). The ground floor will also have clinics and teaching areas for the HU (pink). The ground floor will also have rooms which are shared by the HU and UU, such as a general meeting room (pale purple) and separate quiet rooms for men and women.

First floor: shared use by the HU and UU plus UU study area

On the first floor, the UU will be using several seminar rooms and a lecture hall (dark green). This floor also has a large study area (dark blue) which can be used by UU students. On this floor, the HU will continue to use a few teaching areas until September 2019 (pale green). Afterwards, the UU will also be able to use these teaching areas.

Second floor: seminar rooms, computer rooms, project rooms and an Active Learning Classroom (ALC)
tweede verdieping bolognalaan

The second floor has three computer rooms as well as various seminar rooms. These computer rooms have a capacity of 40 people. When the computer rooms are not being used for teaching, students can also study there. Several project rooms are available along the long corridor on the right-hand side (dark green). A few rooms in the curve of the building are available as flexible workstations for lecturers (orange). There is also a lactation room on this floor.

Active Learning Classroom

On the second floor, one room is being set up as an Active Learning Classroom (ALC). This innovative room is intended for a maximum of 48 people and is based on a successful concept which was developed at the University of Minnesota. Here, the lecturer no longer stands at the front of the room but in the middle. Each group of students has a screen and a whiteboard at its disposal. International research has shown that these kinds of rooms can improve learning outcomes. In the course of two Utrecht pilots, carried out in the Teaching & Learning Lab, students stated that the room gave them better interaction with both their fellow students and the lecturer.

Lecturers who wish to teach in the ALC can contact Jasper van Winden. Jasper will check with the lecturer whether the teaching area ties in with the type of teaching the lecturer has in mind. You can also contact Jasper if you have any other questions about the ALC.

Third floor: a few seminar rooms and project rooms
derde verdieping bolognalaan

The third floor will also have seminar rooms as well as several project rooms (both dark green). This small floor will be used entirely by the UU.



More information

Would you like more information? If so, consult the frequently asked questions. Can't see your question? Feel free to contact info.bolognalaan@uu.nl. We will be happy to help!

Bolognalaan 101 offers the same facilities and services as other buildings, with the exception of the conference service which is not available at this location. It is also useful to know the following:

What if there is an emergency such as a fire, a (medical) accident, an accident involving hazardous substances, a bomb scare or the theft of a laptop, for example? Do you need urgent assistance? If so, call (030 253) 44 44. You can also call the emergency number for the HU on (088) 481 66 79.
Would you like to report a fault? Report it to Topdesk.
The ground floor houses the central reception for both staff and students of the HU and UU. There is also a student lending point (STUP) where you can borrow items such as laptops and Chromebooks.
The ground floor has a quiet room for both men and women, for use by the UU and HU. The key to this room can be collected from the central reception.
There is a first-aid room on the premises.
The second floor has a lactation room for use by the UU. If you cannot gain access using your campus card, you can collect a pass for this room from the reception.
During the day, all the doors of the teaching rooms will be open and these rooms will be available for lecturers and students. Rooms which are only intended for lecturers (such as a flexible office, for example) can be opened by the lecturers using their campus card. Don't have a campus card yet? You can request one here.
We are currently examining the options for lecturers to obtain coffee using their campus card.

 Bolognalaan 101 has now been added to MyTimetable en MyUUapp.

Would you like a tour? No problem!
At the end of January, we will be organising several tours of the premises. Lecturers will receive a personal invitation for this, but students are naturally also welcome. Curious to find out more about the building? Be sure to visit on one of the following dates. We will meet at the reception at the front of the building:

Monday 21 January      12 noon 
Tuesday 22 January     2 pm
Wednesday 23 January 10 am
Thursday 24 January    11 am