29 July 2021

Reminder: SMS for two-factor authentication (2FA) will stop on 1 August 2021

As of 1 August, employees and students will no longer be able to use text messages for 2FA. Now that more and more UU services (such as Office 365 and Blackboard) are being secured with 2FA, the number of text messages being sent has increased dramatically of late. This already costs a lot of money, while using a more modern alternative such as an app is free of charge. 

Are you currently using text messages for your 2FA? In that case, please switch to an app before 1 August, aided by this manual. You can also go directly to mysolis-id portal to change your 2FA method. If you are already using an app such as NetIQ or Google Authenticator, you do not need to do anything.

Need some more information?

Please contact IT Servicedesk.