Reminder: End of Stream (classic), migration to new portal

This message has been communicated earlier. This is a repetition.

The classic version of Microsoft Stream, Microsoft's video platform, is coming to an end. Since August 2023, it is already no longer possible to upload new video material to this platform, and the new portal, also known as Stream on Sharepoint, is up and running.

On 15 April 2024, the classic version of Stream will be permanently decommissioned. Videos that are currently only there, and have not already been put on the UU video platform or on the new Stream, must therefore be transferred to these platforms before this time. If this does not happen, the material will be permanently removed.

Until Friday 5 April, the old platform will remain accessible. After this, access will be closed and remaining videos will be transferred to the new Stream, provided they are less than 365 days old or have been viewed in the past 365 days. Material that does not meet these requirements will be left behind and will be automatically deleted on 15 April. This limit is set because unused or outdated video material both takes up a lot of storage space and poses privacy risks.

What does this mean for me?

Wondering if you have videos on the old version of Stream? You can easily check this on classic Stream. Log in using your SolisID. You will find an overview of all videos on Stream that you own. Don't see anything here? Then you do not have any videos on the platorm.

Do videos appear in the overview? Then you have a number of options:

  1. View your videos and decide which ones to keep. You can delete or download videos yourself using the three dots behind each file. You can then upload the downloaded videos yourself to the new Stream or, for example for recorded lectures, to the UU video platform. You can then delete videos you have downloaded (and uploaded elsewhere) yourself from the old Stream.
  2. You yourself delete all videos that do not need to be kept. In other words, you only leave the videos that need to be transferred to the new Stream. Send an e-mail to by 4 April to inform us that all your (remaining) videos should be transferred. We will then immediately transfer your remaining videos to the new Stream.
  3. You don't want to keep any videos at all, even if they do meet the requirements. Delete all your videos yourself or send an email to by 4 April. We will then remove your videos.
  4. You do nothing. Videos that meet the aforementioned requirements will be migrated after 5 April. Other videos will be removed on 15 April.