9 July 2019

Register now for the Start of the Academic Year

On 2 September, the Start of the Academic Year will be festively celebrated in the Domkerk. The central theme this year is 'Recognition and Appreciation'. In addition, the rector will present the Student Awards. You are welcome to attend the opening. You can register now until 20 August at the latest.

When are university employees like yourself recognised and appreciated for their contributions? The scientific community is undergoing a transition. The era when scientists are judged mainly on their ability to publish in top journals is coming to an end. Today, teaching and public engagement have become at least as important as publication, if not more so, as have leadership qualities. We want to be a community that nurtures team work and provides space for all talents – within the context of a safe working environment. The question, then, is how we can work with our students and non-academic staff to create such a culture and to put our words into practice each and every day. The start of the new academic year strikes us as an ideal opportunity to pause and reflect on this for a moment.

The programme will include contributions from NWO chair Stan Gielen, Belle Derks from The Young Academy and Annetje Ottow, vice-president of the Executive Board. In addition, the student awards will be presented and President Anton Pijpers will discuss current general administrative affairs. The musical intermezzo will be provided by Archie's Grand Adventure. You are warmly invited to join us afterwards for a reception in Academiegebouw (University Hall), located at Domplein 29. If you wish to attend this event, please register before 20 August 2019.

2 September 16.00-17.15. The doors will close at 15.45 hour

Dom Church, Utrecht

The registration form is available until 20 August at the latest.

In the day itself we will broadcast a livestream.

Please note that the ceremony will be held in Dutch. Non-Dutch speakers will receive a translation of the speeches.