Put yourself forward for the Faculty Council

Elections Faculty Council Science 2024

Want to gain experience in governance and policy? (Good for your CV 😉 ) And advise on faculty issues including our student facilities? Then put yourself up for election to the Faculty Council of Science.

From 7 March until 11 April students can put themselves up for election in two different ways:

  • You can put yourself forward as a candidate at one of the existing parties; please contact the current representative on the Council.
  • You can draw up your own list and use it to nominate yourself and possibly other interested parties.

Students receive a compensation of one day per week for their work.

Go to the election forms

Elections will take place from 13 to 15 May.

How is the Faculty Council composed?

The participation organ (in the sense of the WHW law) for the faculty of Science lies with the faculty council. As for the level of the departments, there exist other advice committees. 

Members of the faculty council are chosen by and amongst the faculty’s staff and students. The faculty council of Science consists of a staff and student member of each of the departements, one staff member on behalf of the faculty bureau (services) and one general student member. With this, the faculty council has 14 members.