18 January 2017

Put yourself forward as a University Council candidate 2017-2018

Do you wish to participate at the highest administrative level? Are you interested in using your influence on important decisions? Take this opportunity and put yourself forward as candidate for the University Council. Please do so before 30 March 2017!

For students, this is a paid administrative position for a year. Students will be a member of the student section of the University Council and will work as a council member for four days a week. The student section has the opportunity to protect the students’ interests and to advise the Executive Board upon their request and on the council’s own initiative (alone or together with the staff section). For some important decisions, the University Council even has a right of assent.

Exerting influence

Bert van der Zwaan, Rector Magnificus, emphasizes the importance of exerting influence: “As a member of the University Council, you can influence Utrecht University’s strategy and policy. And thus your own study career. You are a representative of and a contact point for the student interests. It provides you with more responsibility as well as an interesting work experience!”

Who can become a member?

All Utrecht University students can put themselves forward as a candidate for the twelve seats of the student body in the University Council.

How to put yourself forward as a candidate?

The University Council is looking for motivated students who would like to join in the discussions on university-wide issues that form the focus of our strategy. You can either join an existing list (in Dutch only) of candidates or start your own list. Interested in starting a new list?  Contact Anne Marie Partridge, Secretary to the Central Electoral Office. Make sure that the properly signed forms are submitted to her no later than on 30 March 2017, 17.00 hours!

Faculty Councils

There is also a demand for Faculty Council members. The electoral committee of your faculty can give more information.

More information?

The elections take place from Monday 8 May till 10 May inclusive. Do you have further questions about the University Council elections? Or do you want to know more about the candidacy procedure? Check the University Council Elections Regulations (in Dutch only) and the Elections page (in Dutch only). Or contact Anne Marie Partridge.