4 February 2019

Put yourself forward as a LEG Faculty Council candidate 2019-2020!

Would you like to participate at the administrative level of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance? Do you wish to exert your influence on important decisions regarding education, research and business operations, and gain administrative experience?
Seize this opportunity and put yourself forward as a candidate for the Faculty Council (FR)! The FR is looking for motivated students who would like to join the debate about facultywide issues that will be the focus of our strategy in the coming years.

What does the Faculty Council do?
The FR comprises 12 staff and 12 student members. Elections for the student section take place every year. Student members receive a 0.1 FTE compensation (by way of a management participation grant); the chair and vice-chair of the student section get 0.2 FTE (also by way of a management participation grant).
As the Faculty Council, you will be advising the Faculty Board either upon their request or on the Council’s own initiative. Regarding some important decisions, e.g. the faculty budget’s main themes, the Council even holds the right of consent.

Who can be a candidate?
All students who are registered with one of the faculty degree programmes can put themselves forward as a candidate. You can either join an existing party in your own School or start your own party: EVERYONE can become a candidate!

There are three student districts:
School of Law:                    6 seats
School of Economics:         3 seats
School of Governance:       3 seats

How to become a candidate?
You can put yourself forward as a candidate on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April, 2019, before 5 PM.
For further questions, please contact the Faculty Office: REBO.Bestuurssecretariaat@uu.nl (-8105/8107). The completed and signed candidacy forms (including the declarations of consent) must be submitted no later than Thursday 18 April, either in hard copy or via e-mail (make sure the scan is readable). There is no deviation of this deadline!

More information?
Do you have further questions about the elections, do you want to know more about the candidacy procedure or put yourself forward as a candidate? Check the Faculty Council team site. It includes all required forms, the elections schedule and the Faculty Elections Regulations