Proceeds (and continuation!) collection campaign winter coats for children

Last November, every employee and student could hand in old IT equipment (such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets). We would like to thank everyone who brought something! The proceeds went to charity: winter coats for children of the Leergeld Utrecht foundation.

What has been handed in?

All kinds of hardware was handed in. Below you can see an overview.

Computer (desktop) 19
Mobile phone149
Printer / Scanner / Fax 3
Modem / Router / HUB5
Tablet 55

Items not IT-related were also brought in, including a coffee machine and a playstation 1 with two electric guitars. These devices will be handed in at the municipal waste disposal site.


A total of 2,000 euros was collected with this equipment. This was donated to the Leergeld Utrecht foundation.

Pilot with two hand-in points

Because the action was successful and to give more people the opportunity to hand in old private hardware over a longer period, you can now hand in your old equipment until March 2023. The proceeds will again go to the same charity (stichting Leergeld Utrecht), but will probably be used for school supplies instead of winter coats.

Handing in can be done from now on at one of these locations:

  • Administration Building, room 0.25 (Utrecht Science Park - Heidelberglaan 8, distribution point IT Service desk)
  • Kromme Nieuwegracht 80 (Utrecht, city centre - at the front desk)