12 January 2018

Problems with email between UU and Microsoft

We are still experiencing problems in regard to sending mail from UU-email addresses (@uu.nl) to Microsoft email addresses (@hotmail.com, @msn.com, @live.com of @outlook.com).

What is the problem?

Emails sent from (educational) systems (such as Osiris or the password portal) to Microsoft email addresses do not arrive or arrive with delay. Also, emails may end up in the recipient's Microsoft JUNK folder.

What does work?

Emails sent from Microsoft email addresses arrive at UU email addresses as usual. Also, individual emails that are sent from a personal UU email address (ex. a teacher) to a Microsoft email address do arrive. 

Possible cause

We have found several potential causes to this problem that are being investigated. We are also looking into possible alternatives that can help better the situation for now. 

What can you do?

If you use a Microsoft e-mail address and expect an (important) email from the UU that does not seem to arrive, we advice the following:

  • Contact your faculty's contact person.
  • Add UU email addresses to your contact list (for instance by using emails that have been sent to you in the past). This email is now no longer moved to your JUNK folder and you will see it in your Inbox as usual. 
  • A (temporary) solution is to use a different email address, such as (UU) Gmail or an other non-Microsoft email address.