8 May 2020

Problems logging into services that require two-factor authentication (update)

Update: The netIQ app has been fixed. Download the latest version from the Google Play Store.

Still experiencing issues with two-factor authentication after updating the app? Contact the IT Service Desk for help.


You may currently experience problems logging into services that require two-factor authentication. Problems occur with Android smartphones in combination with the NetIQ app. You can take action to resolve this issue. There is a temporary and a permanent solution:

  • A permanent solution where you use your recovery code to reset the two-factor authentication. The ICT Servicedesk offers help when you don't have a recovery code.
  • A temporary solution in case you do not have a recovery code, but you urgently need to use two-factor authentication. By means of an alternative method you can still use the two-factor authentication with the NetIQ app.

A manual is available to support you in this: