2 September 2019

Premises University Library in city centre smoke-free from now on

Plattegrond UBB met locatie rookfaciliteit

From now on, the courtyard and inner gardens of the University Library in the city centre are smoke-free. You can only smoke in the smoking shelter in the garden behind Drift 25. This is the location that two third of the respondents preferred. The old smoking facility has been relocated for this, it is placed in a greener area and now has seats.

Two pilots

Utrecht University is making its premises smoke-free in stages in order to provide a safe and healthy work and study environment. The premises of the library are one of the two pilot locations. The Leuvenplein is the other location. This location has been smoke-free since 26 August.  

Addressing each other

If you see anyone smoking on the library premises please speak to them in a friendly manner, point out that these premises are smoke-free and refer to the smoking shelter in the inner garden of Drift 25. If the situation become unpleasant, call the Security department on 030-253 13 00. Security staff and specially trained staff are around to ensure the area is smoke-free. They have followed a course on how to address a smoker in a hospitable manner. We all enforce the smoke-free premises together: employees, students and visitors.

Legislation on smoke-free school premises

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is working on legislation on smoke-free school premises from 1 August 2020. It is not yet clear how a smoking ban will be implemented exactly for colleges of higher vocational education and universities. There is a chance that it will no longer be allowed to have smoking facilities on the university premises after that date. That is why the university does not want to spend a lot of money on a smoking facility and has reused the old smoking shelter.

More information

Do you want to know more about making the premises of the UU smoke-free? Send an email to rookvrij@uu.nl or check the webpage about smoking.