27 March 2019

Possibility of unread e-mail in your Office 365-e-mailbox

Between Thursday evening (21 March) and Monday evening (25 March) a technical change caused problems in delivering e-mail to students with UU-Gmail addresses (@students.nl).

This problem has been solved in the meantime, but it is possible you received e-mail in the meantime of which you are not aware of.

What do you have to do?

Besides UU-Gmail you also have an Office 365 e-mail address. Until now it wasn’t used and hasn’t been communicated before. It is possible now that e-mail was send to this Office365 e-mailbox and hasn’t been read. Due to privacy aspects it is not possible to send these mails automatically through to your UU-Gmail.

You have to check yourself if you received e-mail in your Office365 e-mailbox.

How do I do that?

In the manual (https://manuals.uu.nl/O365forstudents) you can read how to access your e-mail in Office365-emailbox and forward it to you UU-Gmail.

Need help or questions?

Contact the IT Service Desk; contact information on students.uu.nl/it.