27 February 2018

Popular meeting of University Council with Executive Board


The University Council met on 19 February with the Executive Board (EB) during the Week of Staff and Student Participation. Lots of people were present during the meeting. Don’t hesitate to come along again next time!

Memorandum Code of Conduct Language

The Council had some questions about the Code of Conduct language. For example, the Council wanted a clause in which the Degree Programme Advisory Committees have the right of approval over the language of their study programme. The EB stated that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is currently discussing about which party has this right. Ideally, this should be as decentralized as possible. At this moment we have to wait for the outcome of this conversation. In addition, the Council requested to change the default language for the Master's programmes from English to 'Dutch, unless'. The Executive Board indicates that this was a deliberate choice in line with the strategic plan, but will adjust the memorandum. The programmes need to substantiate why the programme is in English.

Memorandum Digital Course Planner

The Executive Board agrees with the fact that a course planner has to be available for every student. ITS prefers to look for a product similar to the Course Planner on the professional market first, as this seems to be a better solution for the long term. The Board indicates that the University Council is involved in the process of creating the digital course planner and that this topic will be discussed before the end of this academic year.

Code of Conduct for Study Associations

The EB confirms that the codes of conduct are drawn up in consultation with the study associations.


The Council wonders why procurement is necessary if there already is a well-functioning internally developed system. To establish a longworking system for the university, Caracal should have to set up its own company in order to participate in the tender for the new evaluation programme.


Some students would like to open a new kind of restaurant on the Uithof where budget food is served that tastes like how mom made it. The Executive Board indicates that the students should talk to USP (Utrecht Science Park) to look into the possibilities.