Plant-based cappuccino from the coffee machine, starting in July

From July onwards, you can enjoy cappuccino or hot chocolate with plant-based milk at coffee machines in several UU buildings. The new 'Oat of this World' coffee machines will contain oat milk instead of cow's milk, available at the same price as the current machines.

Oat of this World

Offering more plant-based food options aligns with the UU's goal to become climate-neutral by 2030. In addition to being better for the environment and animal welfare, oat milk is a good alternative for people with lactose intolerance. The 'Oat of this World' beverages are also gluten-free. The first vending machines will be placed in busy locations, and in most cases alongside a cow's milk coffee machine. To prevent cross-contamination, coffee machines will only contain either cow's milk or oat milk. 

Which machines?

The following machines will be changed to oat drink in the upcoming period:

  • Adam Smith Hall, ground floor near the kiosk
  • Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, ground floor
  • University Library City Centre, ground floor near the Dining Room
  • Israëlslaan, ground floor
  • Minnaert building, first floor in the central hall
  • Koningsberger building, first floor near the study landscape
  • Vening Meinesz building A, fourth floor on the northern side
  • Vening Meinesz building A, seventh floor on the northern side
  • Ruppert building, ground floor in the central hall
  • Utrecht University Library USP, first floor  
  • Administration Building, ground floor in the central hall

More machines will be added after summer. Attention will be payed to a good distribution of the machines, in order to make both options (cow's milk and oats) within reach as much as possible. The intention is that by the end of 2023, about a quarter of the coffee machines in UU buildings will dispense plant-based milk.

This change came about in part thanks to student petitions and the UU Employee and Student Representative Bodies external link.