Pilot study on Sustainability and International Students at Utrecht University

In order to investigate international students’ interest in the topics of equality and inclusion, environmental and digital sustainability within Utrecht University, Paola Monachesi has set up a survey .The survey is part of an audio papers series “Mediating Sustainable Cities” carried out by Paola Monachesi at Utrecht University. She is assisted in the data collection by Vlad Alexandru Enasescu and Noemi Maria Fabian. 

The results of this study will hopefully indicate whether there is interest and need among international students for a platform where issues concerning sustainability can be addressed and dealt with. The goal is to create a framework for an international student association focusing on sustainability issues from a bottom-up perspective. This could potentially involve students in decision making, expressing needs, and initiating involvement at university level.

Do you have an interest in sustainability, but you don’t know how to get involved? Do you think that issues of equality and inclusion arise in the university’s communication strategy? If you would like to have the opportunity to know and do more with regards to sustainability at Utrecht University by sharing experiences with fellow international students, please fill out the survey


Internationalization is one of the goals of Utrecht University, which has created numerous programmes for international students. Climate change has become a pressing issue worldwide. Therefore, addressing sustainability within study programmes, courses, and in the institutional agenda proves to be imperative.