6 January 2020

Pilot measurements educational spaces Educatorium and Ruppert building

In January, a pilot will start in the Educatorium and the Marinus Ruppert building to measure the use and occupation of educational spaces. This will be measured during 20 weeks with special sensors. This is part of the UU programme Smart bUUildings.

Insight into use

Utrecht University needs insight into the use of its teaching spaces. This information can, for example, contribute to the optimisation of timetabling processes or serve as input for quantitative and qualitative real estate issues. It can also provide real-time insight into availability and control of maintenance and cleaning can be linked to intensity of use.

Smart bUUildings

Within the UU programme 'Smart bUUildings' various pilots are being carried out to automatically measure the use of spaces. This involves exploratory research into the various available technical measurement methods that can be used within the university efficiently, with the right reliability and in line with privacy regulations. 

More information

Would you like to know more about the pilot? Go to www.uu.nl/eng/pilot-measurement-of-use-educational-spaces. Do you still have questions and/or remarks? Feel free to contact Communication Vastgoed & Campus, via communicatievenc@uu.nl. They will be happy to help you.