4 April 2019

Pilot all-gender toiletten: hoe staat het ervoor?

Pictogram genderneutraal toilet

In the second half of 2018 a pilot with all-gender toilets started in the Administration building, Marinus J. Ruppert building and the Martinus G. de Bruin building. During this pilot, a survey was held at various times in the three buildings. 573 people participated. Furthermore, UU staff and students could fill out an online questionnaire in December 2018. 1225 people did this.

What is the planning?

Scientists of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities will help the Facilities Service Centrum with analysing the results of the questionnaires. This analysis forms the basis of the evaluation of the pilot. It is expected that the evaluation will take place before the summer of 2019. Then, also a decision will be made on a possible follow-up of the pilot. You will read about this on the intranet in due time.

Why all-gender toilets?

Inclusivity is a topic that has been receiving increasing attention in society, the media and also within the university. In the separated man / woman toilets, a person's gender matters more than outside it. As a result, there are people who avoid these separated toilets or who visit them with discomfort. To make everyone feel welcome, the university is conducting a pilot with all-gender toilets. These are toilets that anyone, regardless of gender or identity, can use.

In addition to the three pilot locations there were already all-gender toilets within the university, for example on the first floor in the Martinus J. Langeveld building and in the staircase in Janskerkhof 3.