29 June 2021

Phasing out SMS (2FA) by 1st of August 2021

As of August the 1st, you as an employee or student can no longer use text messages for 2FA, because more and more UU services (such as Office 365 and Blackboard) are secured with 2FA. The number of text messages sent has increased dramatically recently.  This is already costing more than 330,000 euros on an annual basis, while using a more modern alternative such as an app is free.

Do you currently use text messages for your 2FA? Then switch to an app before the 1st of August with the help of this guide. You can also go directly to the mysolis-id portal to change your 2FA method. If you're already using an app like NetIQ or Google Authenticator, you don't need to do anything.

App by NETIQ - quick and easy to set up via mysolisid.uu.nl.
App by Google-Authenticator - quick and easy to set up via mysolisid.uu.nl

For more information, please visit www.uu.nl/sms.


For 2FA related questions please call (030) 244 4500
For ICT related questions please call 088 75 58990 or send an email to owcsdict@umcutrecht.nl