Pass on your idea for spending the NPO money!

The Dutch government has given money to the education system to repair the corona deficits among students. These deficits are both academic and social. This is called the National Programme for Education (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs; NPO).

If you have an idea how the money can be used to improve your studies or for student welfare, please let us know via the suggestion box.

2 themes

There are two themes in which projects are supported: 

Theme 1: Smooth transition

The aim of this theme is to make the transition for (prospective) students between their previous education and their university study run smoothly. 

Theme 2: Student welfare and social commitment to the study programme

With this theme, we want to ensure that students feel welcome and at home in their study programme and at the university, and that they are able to develop and expand optimally despite the aftermath of the pandemic. There are 2 sub-themes: Community Building, and Wellbeing, Personal Development and Guidance.

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