9 April 2018

Participate in the National Student Housing Monitor and win a city trip

As a student you want to live comfortably and affordably in the city where you study. This sounds easy but reality sometimes proves different. You often have to cope with waiting time and sometimes with small or expensive rooms. Student housing corporations try to act on that with the help of universities and student cities. They build affordable housing, keeping your housing preferences in mind. 

Taking the survey is easy, just click www.wonenalsstudent.nl/en

The questionnaire takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is also available in a smartphone version. If you take the survey you will enter into a price draw to win a city trip worth 400 euros.

What will happen with the survey results?

The results of the housing survey will be combined with information from various sources into the ‘National Student Housing Monitor’ which provides housing organisations with information about the number of students in the near future and how they want to live. This helps them to determine the demand for housing and what kind of housing students prefer. The survey will be online until 1 May. After the Summer, the results will be presented on the website www.wonenalsstudent.nl.