11 April 2019

Participate in the National Student Housing Monitor and win a city trip

As a student, you are looking for pleasant, safe and affordable housing in the city where you study. This is easier said than done in popular student cities. With the help of universities and municipalities, student accommodation providers aim to improve the availability of housing options for students by building more affordable student housing.

Your opinion is greatly valued, which is why we invite you to participate in this survey.

There are about 40 questions, available in Dutch and English, and they take about 10 minutes to complete. You can also complete via your smartphone. Participants can apply to enter into a price draw to win a city trip worth 400 euros.

Participate in the survey

Every year, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations carries out the ‘National Student Housing Monitor’ in order to find how many students are planning to study in Dutch cities in the coming years and what their housing preferences are. This survey is part of the study which is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, universities, the Dutch student Union (LSVb) and student housing providers, among others.

What happens with the survey results?

The result of the survey will be processed with information from various other sources into the ‘National Student Housing Monitor’. This monitor is used to determine the required number and type of student houses per student city and to adjust the building plans for the coming years.

The survey is available up to 26 April 2019. After the Summer, the result will be published on the website: www.wonenalsstudent.nl

If you have any questions about the survey you can send an email to ABF Research, who carry out the survey: wonenalsstudent@abf.nl