14 June 2019

Parking rate Utrecht Science Park € 1.80 per hour from 1 October 2019

As of 1 October, the rates for paid parking at the Utrecht Science Park (USP) will be uniformed. Patients and visitors of the UMC Utrecht are already paying 1.80 euros per hour. This rate will be introduced elsewhere too. The rate for the P+R parking garage remains unchanged: 4.84 per day (5 euros including public transport).

Utrecht University (UU), Utrecht University Medical Centre (UMCU) and Utrecht University (HU) have already decided on a joint mobility policy to improve accessibility and quality of life at the Utrecht Science Park. It was also agreed to standardise parking fees. This is now being implemented.

Every day, more than 70,000 people travel to the Utrecht Science Park (USP) to learn, work, research, develop and provide care. And this number will only increase. During peak times, the roads are becoming congested and it takes a lot of time to reach or leave the USP. In addition, CO2 emissions are increasing.

A situation that needs to be addressed. In line with the ambition document for the USP, the organisations and companies want to establish a healthy USP and encourage people to use bicycles and public transport. The possibilities for this will improve as soon as the tram starts to run.

UMC Utrecht has already adjusted the parking fees in its parking garages and on its premises. As of 1 October, the parking areas of UU and HU will follow. For organisations with their own parking facilities or parking subscriptions for one or more parking lots at the USP, nothing will change.

What will change?

Current situation until 1 October 2019

  rate first 30 min. rate per hour maximum daily rate
UMC Utrecht free € 1,80 € 18,-
UU and HU free € 1,- € 7,-

Situation as of 1 October 2019

  rate first 30 min. rate per hour maximum daily rate
 UMC Utrecht, UU and HU free € 1,80 € 18,-