26 June 2017

Paper towels: one or two will do

Papieren handdoekjes: One or two will do

One or two paper towels are enough to dry your hands after washing them. First, you wash your hands. Then, you shake them and eventually you dry them. Don’t you believe that one or two paper towels are enough? Take a look at a short video in which Joe Smith reveals the trick to perfect paper towel technique. In order to make employees and students aware of the contribution they can make to sustainability, the Facilities Service Centre (FSC) has started a pilot with stickers on the paper towel dispensers. In the Administration building and Marinus Ruppert building the ‘One or two will do stickers’ can be found in the toilets.

Every year employees and students use more than thirty million paper towels. The FSC would like to diminish this amount. Paper towels are already made of recycled material and cannot be recycled themselves. The goal of the pilot is to see whether the number of used paper towels reduces after applying the stickers on the paper towel dispensers. The pilot lasts until the end of this year. Next, the FSC will assess if the stickers will be applied on more locations.

The Administration building and Ruppert building are chosen for the pilot because these two buildings have very different target audiences. A toilet group in an office setting and in a highly populated education setting.