1 May 2020

Optional course Living Pasts

Always wanted to discover the rich history of Utrecht on the basis of rough historical data? In that case, the optional Living pasts course might interest you. Registration is open now!

You combine historical, architectural and social data to design an augmented reality (AR) application. You will learn to work together across disciplinary boundaries, take your own learning process into your own hands and experimentally assess the added value of new media and ICT. For more information and registration, see the Course Planner. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to livingpasts@uu.nl.

Research into De Neude

Student teams will be challenged to combine historical data across their disciplines to realise an augmented reality (AR) application that tells the story of one of Utrecht’s main squares, De Neude, across the centuries. You will be invited to take full advantage of the latest mobile technologies to realise attractive data visualisations, engaging storytelling, and augmented reality experiences to make De Neude reflect its deeper past.

Utrecht Time Machine

During the course, you will explore first-hand how to effectively work with Big Data of the Past: How to generate high-level insights using low-level data, supported by linked data architectures. After being translated into a product, your team's prototype will become part of the Utrecht Time Machine, a project that will make Utrecht's rich history visible, tangible and divisible.

Multidisciplinary course open to 2nd and 3rd year BA students

Lecturers from the Humanities, Geosciences, Science, Social Sciences and University College Utrecht faculties take part in this course. Professionals from the municipality of Utrecht, the archive and the university library will support your research. ICT experts will help you translate the results into an AR app.  


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