30 June 2020

One self-service portal for the UU

As of June 29th there is one UU self-service portal where employees and students can ask a question, report a malfunction or request a facility service. 

Whether your question or report is about a facility service, an IT related issue, an HR-form or if you want to report a hazardous situation. The UU self-service portal has a new layout and a new look and feel, matching the UU corporate identity.  The portal of the Facility Service Centre was the last one to be merged with the UU portal. A long cherised dream to merge the different portals into one has now been fullfilled. It makes it easier en more efficient for the FSC and ITS to work together and offer their services to the various clients within the UU.

If you have a question or want to file report something concerning IT, HR, facility services, buildings and/or their surroundings: go to https://uu.topdesk.net