18 May 2017

Once more, UU students give degree programmes average mark of 4.06

Today the foundation Stichting Studiekeuze 123 published the results of the 2017 National Student Survey. The NSE 2017 was completed by 11,734 UU students, a response rate of no less than 38.4%. This is a marvellous improvement compared to 2016, when the response rate was 34.9%. This year the overall score for Utrecht University ('your degree programme in general') once again was 4.06 (on a five-point scale). This reflects how you experience the teaching and facilities at Utrecht University. Thank you very much for your appreciation!

What did you find was going well?

  • Information on the outcome of programme evaluations
  • The subject expertise of lecturers
  • The application of types of e-learning within your degree programme

You were less positive about:

  • The timely publication of programme timetables
  • Availability of study spaces
  • Quality of internship supervision provided by degree programme staff

Theme score and general assessment

You can also view the fact sheets showing the general results and results per degree programme.

When will you hear more?

This week you will be receiving an email outlining the main points of the NSE results. A fact sheet for each degree programme is also available. At the end of June, we  will inform you about subsequent steps which will be taken regarding the NSE outcome at university and programme level.

UU prizes

Utrecht University has made a number of prizes available for students who participated in the NSE. We will be contacting the prize winners personally at the end of this month.


All faculties have their own NSE contact persons: