9 December 2019

On our way to a new strategic plan

Do you know the strategic plan? It contains the university's strategy, ambitions and ways of getting there. Whether you're a heavy user who consults the plan on a regular basis, or whether you've never read it before, this is your chance to contribute to the new plan - and hence to the future of our university. The current plan runs until 2020 and we are now working towards an update of the strategic plan. Let us know what you think!

Look into the future

Annetje Ottow, vice-president of Utrecht University: “With the new strategic plan, we are building on a solid foundation. Much has been achieved in recent years, for example in the field of educational innovation and multidisciplinary cooperation. At the same time, we are looking into the future with a fresh perspective and with newly acquired insights. I cordially invite you to think along. All students and staff contribute to our objectives. That is why your insights, questions and contributions are of great value.”

Six themes

We are exploring our future needs centered around six themes: fostering talent, academic community, university & society, global university, multidisciplinarity and digital university. Aspects such as diversity, sustainability and open science are interwoven with all these themes.

More information about these themes will be released in the near future.

What happens when and how can I contribute?

In recent months a trend analysis has been carried out. Currently the six themes are being further explored by various specially created groups of students and staff. The first contours of the new plan will be taking shape by the end of January 2020, with a period of feedback and dialogue continuing until April. The definitive plan will be presented in the summer of 2020.

See how the plan is being formed, how you can join the conversation and what we are building on.