On campus attendance required for tests and courses

From block 4 onwards, the default position for teaching is that courses will be taught on location. Also, the regular retake regime will apply again. This policy applies to Covid19 as well as other cases of illness. This means that we assume that you will attend all lectures and tests on campus. We find it important that everyone is able to meet each other in real live again and that there is ample opportunity for personal interaction during lectures. We realize that corona is not over yet, so please pay attention to each other and do a self-test regularly.

The rules in a nutshell:


  • Is generally on location, without the possibility of a live stream.
  • You are required to be present for 80% of the course.
  • In case you are unable to attend a lecture, you can ask fellow students if you can take over the notes. Or you can ask them to help you listen to the lecture remotely.
Education - exceptions
  • you have a medical indication
  • you have have caring responsibilities for someone with a vulnerable health condition or
  • you live with someone who is in poor health.

If, for these reasons, you cannot attend classes on campus, please contact your study advisor. Together with your programme coordinator, we will examine whether customised education is possible and how to organise this.

  • Are generally on campus.
  • You must cancel your test via the test deregistration form
  • If you cancel more than once, you will no longer be entitled to a resit. 

You must always show proof when you cancel an exam, whether because of corona or for some other reason.

Tests - 1st test missed (due to corona or other reason)
  • You retain your examination opportunity if you miss the first test (opportunity) because you are ill or have a quarantine obligation based on central government regulations. 
  • The preservation of the test opportunity only applies to the first test opportunity and not to the resit.
  • If you are also ill or have to go into quarantine for the second time, please contact your study advisor.