23 October 2019

NSE 2019 results: students satisfied with education at Utrecht University

Studiekeuze123 has announced the results of the National Student Survey (NSE).

General student satisfaction slightly increased

9.553 students from Utrecht University completed the survey, a response rate of 30.0%.The overall score (‘your programme in general’) had remained 4.06 on a 5 point scale for the last three years. This year the average score has increased to a 4.07. Both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes have received a higher average satisfaction score. Bachelor students gave their programme a score of 4.11, Master’s students a 3.99 (4.10 and 3.98 in 2018).

Similar results to previous editions

Similar to previous years, UU students are particularly satisfied with the content of the programme, the general and academic skills acquired in the programme, the teacher involved in the programme, but also group size and internships. The average satisfaction score on all themes has increased in comparison to last year’s survey, Students are least satisfied with the attention for internationalization but this score has increased compared to previous year. Check the scores on all the themes and subthemes or check the results per programme.

What will be done with the results

The results indicate that students are satisfied with their education at Utrecht University. The 2019 results confirm the areas of improvement that emerged from previous NSE editions. In order to examine the low scoring internationalization theme, panel discussions have been organized in 2018 and the results have been implemented in the Internationalization programme. English language assessments and training with a focus on teaching in English are now offered to all academic staff.

The availability of study spots has also been the subject of panel discussions after NSE results showed that students were not satisfied. This led to a pilot in which, during the exam periods, only UU-students and -employees could use the study spaces in the university’s libraries. The pilot has been a success and the satisfaction scores on this year’s NSE also shows an increase (3.4 in 2019, 3.1 in 2018).


The results of this annual nationwide study were delayed because the data needed rectification. This summer, after the data underwent the necessary rectifications Statistics Netherlands (CBS) concluded that the results are suitable for publication. The CBS report can be found here.