23 January 2019

Now available: Educate-it – for students

What teaching tools are you likely to encounter in your courses and how do you use them? What tools will you use on your own to do things like preparing presentations and completing exercises? You can now find all that information and more on the freshly launched Educate-it student site.

Educate-it is a university-wide programme built by students and teachers for students and teachers to help them strengthen and future-proof their education. This most recent iteration of the website contains a great deal of information about Educate-it: What is Educate-it? What does it do? Why does it exist? There’s also information on the tools you may encounter in your classes. What are these tools for, why are they being used and what do they mean for you? If there’s a tool you want to get started with, you’ll learn more about it on our student site. And if you have ideas about how to innovate teaching (with or without teaching tools), or if you want to play a more active part in your own education, Educate-it has your back!

Be sure to check out what Educate-it can do for you at uu.nl/en/educate-it-student.