19 January 2018

Nominations Teacher Awards announced

Since the nineties, Utrecht University commends teachers that perform, excite, motivate, and challenge outstandingly with the Outstanding Teacher Award and the Teacher Talent Award. Study associations of Utrecht University can hand in proposals for teachers every year. A judging committee consisting of exemplary teachers and students of Utrecht University will select three nominations for the Outstanding Teacher Award and three nominations for the Teacher Talent Award. Criteria are for example the educational vision of the teacher, creating interaction with students and the learning experience of students.

The student associations of Utrecht University have written proposals for 31 excellent teachers for the Teacher Awards 2017-2018. This year, 17 teachers were proposed for the Outstanding Teacher Awards and 14 teachers were proposed for the Teacher Talent Awards.

The nominations are:

Teacher Talent Award:

  • Rachel Dijkstra (Law, proposed by the Juridische Studentenvereniging te Utrecht)
  • Tom Overmans (Governance, proposed by the study association Perikles)
  • Sophie Reinders (Dutch language and culture, proposed by the study association Awater)

Outstanding Teacher Award:

  • Krijn de Jong (Scheikunde, proposed by the Utrechtse Scheikundige Studentenvereniging “Proton”)
  • Margot Koster (Biology, proposed by the Utrechtse Biologen Vereniging)
  • Saskia Stevens (History, proposed by the Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring)

The winners will be chosen from this shortlist of nominations. To accomplish this, the judging committee will talk with the study associations that proposed these teachers. The winners of the Teacher Awards will be announced during the Onderwijsparade on 6 March. The award will be officially presented during the Dies of the university on 26 March.