6 February 2019

No mandatory attendance during the national education strike on 15 March

During the national education strike of Friday 15 March, there will be no mandatory attendance at Utrecht University. The Executive Board endorses the activists' position.

The strike is an initiative of the Algemene Onderwijsbond (AOB) and the trade union FNV. WOinActie has also stated it is going to join the strike.

Agreements regarding the strike day

Like with the WOinActie day on last 14 December, the following conditions will be observed:

  • Mandatory attendance is cancelled for all activities.
  • UU buildings will remain open.
  • Classes will proceed as planned, unless the lecturer decides to cancel the class.
  • The strike day does not take place during an exam week, but there can be tests. The principle is that these will proceed as planned. Students who join the strike will either be offered alternatives or be referred to the replacement tests. Students who join the strike will not miss out on any opportunity to take exams. They can request an exceptional circumstances declaration (overmachtsverklaring) from the Board of Examiners.

Executive Board supports goal of the actions

The Executive Board supports the goal of the actions and gives students the option to join in. The Executive Board is pleased with the demanded attention for the vulnerable position of higher education and the call to solve financial bottlenecks.

More information

More information on the national strike day can be found here and via WOinActie, or contact your lecturer.