27 May 2019

New web pages for individual buildings: focus on accessibility

The online information about Utrecht University's buildings has been updated. An accessible university for students, staff and visitors with limited mobility is high on our agenda. Visitors should know what they can expect when they enter a university building, certainly if they have limited mobility. UU promotes diversity and inclusion in its degree programmes, research and organisation.

In recent months, the web pages for individual buildings on the student website have undergone a makeover. On the new web pages, you can see at a glance how reachable and accessible a building is. For example, you can read more about the location of facilities such as accessible toilets and lactation rooms, contact information for assistance, and any less accessible spaces. To get a clear picture, several images are included per building.

Clear information

Govert-Jan Slob, web editor at the Academic Affairs Office, spoke with several students and staff with limited mobility about their preferences for the building web pages. A student in a wheelchair says: 'The accessible toilet is sometimes difficult to find. What's worse, the door has to be opened by the porter first!' This is why it's important to provide visitors with clear information before they enter a building. That way, they know exactly what they're dealing with and what they may have to take into account.

Accessible buildings

UU is doing everything possible to make buildings accessible and improve accessibility. New construction projects will meet special accessibility guidelines. Within existing buildings, the Real Estate and Campus Office will investigate any bottlenecks and seek the best possible solution. In so doing, it will seek the input of users with special needs, such as the members of the Platform Onbeperkt Studeren (Studying without limitations platform). This is our way of working towards a liveable environment for everyone.

More information

If you'd like to know more about the new web pages for individual buildings, feel free to contact Govert-Jan Slob. To change or add information, you can contact the Real Estate and Campus communications team at communicatievenc@uu.nl.