11 June 2019

New UCU Cultural Heritage Programme (CHIP) website

University College Utrecht’s interdisciplinary cultural heritage programme, known as CHIP, showcases a wealth of student stories, lectures and other project activity on its new website within the UU domain.  

Students on excursion to the Hospitaalmuseum in Brugge, learning about heritage.

CHIP started as a grassroots initiative in 2011 by lecturers, who saw that students had an interest not only to learn in theory about cultural heritage, but to gain knowledge of its practice as well. It has grown since. Within CHIP, students have done academically oriented placements at cultural institutions in Europe and beyond. Among these are major museums such as The British Museum and The Natural History Museum in London, or The Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem. 

The new website presents their experiences in an attractive way. Also included are stories of associated activities, such as a group visit to Brugge, and an overview of the bi-annual CHIP lectures. Check the posters – they are a treat!