New: the Science Study Starter Guide helps Bachelor’s students find their way at UU

To help new Bachelor’s students of the Faculty of Science find their way around UU, the Science Study Starter Guide (‘de Wegwijzer’ in Dutch) has been developed. This guide consists of essential information and tips about our buildings, digital tools, who they can turn to with questions and practical matters concerning education.

PDF and webpage

The guide is available in pdf (A3 and A4) and in Dutch and English. The files can be downloaded from the student website. Click here for the Dutch PDFs and click here for the English versions
The information in the guide can also be found online at: and on the student site ( at each Science bachelor on the 'new student' page.

Reason behind developing?

Sabine Prins-de Lucht (Education Policy, Faculty of Science) and Sigrid Jansen (Communication, Faculty of Science) conducted a survey on student communication in 2021/2022. In general, our student communication was rated positively, but there were also a number of points for improvement (go to this article for more information on the project).

One area for improvement concerned informing first-year Bachelor’s students. Students pointed out in interviews and our survey that it would be good if they knew from the start where to find what information, what help is available and what digital platforms are used.

Next phase: Starter Guide for Master's students

Because at least half of our Master's students studied somewhere else before UU, we want to give them a softer landing. For this reason, we hope to have developed a guide, especially for Master's students before the Master's introduction in February.

Give your feedback!

Do you have any questions, comments or ideas for improvement? Let us know via e-mail! All feedback is welcome:  and 

This would have helped me a lot a few years ago

Reactions students

The first reactions from students in the focus group are positive. A small selection:

  • "It turned out super nice! Clear graphics and useful information. This will surely help first-year students to find their way around the UU. It would have helped me a lot a few years ago if I had had something like this."
  • "How cool it turned out! I hope it will be well received and distributed, seems like a useful overview for new students."
  • "It looks fantastic 😃”