New teaching location Daltonlaan 500

Daltonlaan 500

In order to meet the demand for teaching accommodation over the coming years, Utrecht University has rented 4 floors at Daltonlaan 500 for the next 5 years. 

The faculties of Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (REBO) and Humanities (GW) will make use of Daltonlaan 500 from 10 January until the end of block 3. For the education of these faculties after block 3, solutions will be sought in the city centre.

Rooms available

The building on Daltonlaan has the following spaces available:

  • 15 workgroup rooms (including 3 hybrid workgroup rooms)
  • 15 project spaces
  • pantries
  • offices for teachers

The building is easily accessible by public transport and bicycle and is located just outside the Utrecht Science Park.