5 September 2018

New: pick-up device for OV chip card in Educatorium

Ov-ophaalautomaat in Educatorium

You can pick up or stop your student travel product at the yellow pick-up device in the Educatorium, next to the passage to the Marinus Ruppert building. If you graduate or quit your studies, you must stop your student travel product yourself. For this, you go to a pick-up device with your OV chip card and there you remove  the student travel product from your chip card. Do you not remove the travel product? Or do you do it too late? Then you will be fined with € 97 per half month for undeserved possession of the student travel product. You can find more information on the website of DUO (in Dutch).

At a pick-up device you can also check the balance of your OV chip card, load money onto your card or pick up an order.