16 August 2017

New parking system for car parks at USP De Uithof

This summer, Utrecht University is replacing the parking system at all car parks at USP De Uithof. They will be fitted with modern equipment and barriers. It will then be possible to pay in cash or by debit card at all car parks. The car parks at Yalelaan – previously freely accessible – have already the new system in operation. The same parking charges now apply here as at the car parks in Cambridgelaan, Leuvenlaan, Padualaan, Budapestlaan and Uppsalalaan. The parking charges will remain unchanged. With the introduction of the new parking system, a single parking policy will now apply for the whole USP De Uithof area. This has been agreed by the boards of Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht and HU University of Applied Sciences.

Temporary parking pass for Master’s students of Veterinary Medicine

Master’s students of Veterinary Medicine on work placement in the clinics will be issued with a temporary parking pass because of the lack of public transport connections during the evenings and nights. From 2.30 pm until 8.30 the next morning, they can park free of charge at Yalelaan (P11 Schimmel building, P7 Jenalaan, P14 Agriculture/Pets (Landbouw huisdieren), P12 Equestrian Clinic (Kliniek Paard) and P8 (Cambridgelaan). Between 8.30 am and 2.30 pm, these students will pay the regular parking charge. If you are a Master’s student of Veterinary Medicine and would like a parking pass, you can report to the reception desk in the Androclus building with the email that you received about this in the week of 4 July.

Students with medical needs

Students forced to use a car for medical reasons who do not qualify for the use of a disabled parking space under the European disabled card system can also apply for a pass. They can apply at parkeerbeheer@uu.nl. For this, a statement from the student counsellor is also required (physical examination).

Student residents of Casa Confetti, Bisschoppen, Johanna, Cambridgelaan

Students who live at the USP De Uithof can park free of charge from 6.00 pm until 7.00 am. The short-stay parking charge applies during the day.