New! Minors about sustainable futures

Do you want to boost your bachelor in the Humanties with an interdisciplinary minor? Utrecht University offers a wide range of minors that put our future into perspective. Here's a selection from the new offerings:

Re-Imagining Security

If you are interested in human rights issues and international politics, this minor might be an excellent choice. Adopt a critical perspective and delve into interesting, real life case studies on security and power relations. The minor consists of four courses from the departments of Cultural Anthropology, Law, History, and University College Utrecht.

More information can be found on the Re-imagining Security minor page.

Environmental Humanities

Do you want to dive deeper into the climate crisis and its social, cultural and political challenges? Combine Sustainability with your studies in the Humanities with the minor Environmental Humanities. How do media and culture motivate people to take action? And what is the role of science in accelerating sustainable transitions? How can the Humanities contribute to sustainable and fair transitions? All intriguing questions that will play an important role in this minor.

More information about this minor will be available from May in Osiris.

Both minors will start in September 2024. Registration is open from June 3rd to June 30th, 2024.

Would you like to know more about the minors offered by Utrecht University? For an overview you can visit this page.