New master's in Medical Humanities should solve complex care issues


UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University will start a new master's programme in Medical Humanities in September 2022. This interdisciplinary and innovative MSc programme has been developed by the Faculties of Medicine and Humanities (Utrecht University) together with the UMCU, and is the first master's programme in the Netherlands to combine these disciplines in this way.

Response to social questions

With this new programme, UMC Utrecht and the faculties of Medicine and Humanities want to respond to the widely felt need to find solutions to scientific and social issues in the field of health and care. Issues such as: How does care remain human in an increasingly digital environment and what ethical considerations play a role in this? How do you deal with patients who have less faith in science and authorities? How can we use art and music to better explain (chronic) pain to others? And: how do we increase therapy compliance of low-literacy patients through communication?

Exchange of knowledge

Issues such as these call for professionals who can connect medicine and biomedical sciences with the humanities. In the new master's programme, students will work on this by exchanging knowledge, competences and insights. On the one hand, from the medical and health sciences and the care disciplines. And on the other hand from the humanities disciplines, such as philosophy, ethics, history, communication, literature and the arts.

Starting in September

In September 2022, at least 25 students can start on this new master's programme. The students who can enrol (under specific conditions) are students of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences or Humanities. Professionals who are already working in the health care domain can also follow this master's programme.