New MA Honours Programme!

UniCity (15 EC)

Binnenstad van Utrecht

The Honours College is excited to announce the addition of UniCity to our diverse range of interdisciplinary honours programmes!

Open to Master's students from any faculty or programme at Utrecht University, UniCity is a Dutch-taught extracurricular programme in which you investigate what happens and what matters in the city. To understand Utrecht, UniCity researches by observing and engaging with social activities and the ecology of the city. Does this sound interesting to you? Then check our website for more information.

English-led MA Honours Programmes:

Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars (10 EC):

GHIS is designed for students with broad societal interests and who yearn to develop their interdisciplinary research skills and tackle complex global challenges. We facilitate the interaction between students and researchers to jointly explore perspectives in the context of real-life cases and research examples.

Young Innovators Programme (15 EC):

Focused on moving towards a regenerative society that cares for the earth & its diverse communities, with the Young Innovators Programme, you'll learn to combine reflexive personal leadership with community-based changemaking. The Young Innovators programme is based on creative and action-oriented research in diverse groups of international students.

Leadership Programme (10 EC):

Here, you'll learn how leadership functions in daily practice while discovering and developing your own personal leadership style. The Leadership programme offers the unique opportunity to engage with and learn from leaders from different domains of society, ranging from NGO's, governmental bodies and business cooperations. 

MA Honours - More information

The application deadline for all 4 MA Honours programmes is June 15th, 2023.