New challenges for master students - TU/e, WUR, UU and UMCU (EWUU) alliance

Dear master students,

Last year we ran a few successful challenges within the alliance between the TU/e, WUR, UU and UMCU (EWUU). This year, we organize several recurring and a new challenge, for which we kindly invite the students. 

We would like to inform you about the challenges this academic year (2022-2023). In the second semester of this year we will run challenges for students from all institutes.  

Recurring challenges

  • Bio-Tech-Med Nutrition Interdisciplinary Team Training (BITT): From March 15 2023 until June 7 2023, students develop a solution for a real-life disease-related problem. They do so by collaborating with their interdisciplinary team and experts. The study load of this course is 3 ECTS (up till 5 ECTS). This challenge is eligible for Master students.   
  • Dutch Dairy Student Challenge: How can we transition towards a sustainable dairy industry? Students find a solution to this question with their interdisciplinary team. The workload is 6 ECTS (Student Challenge) or 0 ECTS (Industry Challenge). This challenge runs from February 2023 until May 2023 and is eligible for 3rd year Bachelor and Master students.   
  • Replacing animal testing: What does the supermarket look like without animal-testing for food safety? Students develop a plan to answer this question. The workload of this challenge is 7.5 ECTS.  The course runs from February 6th 2023 until April 16th 2023.  Eligible for 3rd year Bachelor students, Master students, HU students and professionals.  

New challenge

  • Planetary Health and Climate-Resilient Health Systems: Through various ways, students delve deeper in challenges that aim to build more climate-resilient health systems. This challenge is available in 3 different packages: package 1: full-time 6-weeks/ 8ECT, package 2: full-time 3-weeks/ 6ECTS, package 3: part-time 6 weeks/ 5ECTS. All packages start on the 27th of February.
MA Challenges '23 - UUUMCU