National walk-out 13 May

A ‘national walk-out’ has been announced for tomorrow, Monday, May 13. This action is in support of the pro-Palestinian protests and against police brutality. The action will involve students and staff walking out of the lecture hall at 11:00 a.m. and gathering in front of the Administration Building at noon.

Students and staff are free to decide whether they want to participate in this national initiative. In consultation with the faculties, we will determine how any cancelled lessons and catch-up opportunities will be handled. Further communications on this will follow.

As long as demonstrations are peaceful, we will of course allow this action at UU on university grounds. We want to be able to continue to guarantee the safety of all our students and staff. That is why, for example, face-covering clothing and offensive statements and/or actions are not allowed, just like erecting barricades or occupying buildings or university grounds. See also the House Rules for demonstrations at Utrecht University.

We urge everyone to let this 'national walk-out' proceed peacefully.

Kind regards,

The Executive Board of Utrecht University,

Anton Pijpers
Henk Kummeling
Margot van der Starre


We will inform you via For updates, keep an eye on the UU and the situation in Gaza and Israel page.

Interested to talk further? Or do you need help?

Utrecht University is committed to supporting everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by these events. We offer our students and employees support in this regard. If you are a student and are looking for information, advice or guidance, check the page Who to contact? to see who you can contact. Employees who are concerned can seek support from their manager and Staff Welfare Service (intranet, login required).