24 November 2016

National Change Your Password Day: 24 November

Did you know that two out of three Dutch people use the same password for several online services? There is a strong chance that you also use the same password for different IT services. Easy to remember, but not secure in the slightest. It's essential to do things better.

The TV programme Radar demonstrates why this is important. Click here to view the broadcast (in Dutch).


Take a good look at your password
On 24 November, make sure you take a good look at your password: what is your approach and how could it be improved? You will find lots of tips and facts on the campaign website for National Change Your Password Day. For example, did you know there are apps which can generate strong passwords or store all your different passwords securely in an online safe?

University password
It is naturally also important to choose a strong Solis password. You can find out how to do this here or go straight to the updated password portal. Need help? If so, contact the IT Service Desk.

National Change Your Password Day on 24 November is an initiative launched by the Public Prosecution Department, Tweakers and Radar, among others.