20 May 2020

MS Teams: keep a close eye on your privacy settings

Are you managing a team, or are you planning to do so? In that case, this information could be highly relevant for you.

Watch out what you share

Microsoft Teams is ideal for team collaboration. However, you will need to make every effort to ensure that the privacy settings for your team are correct, to prevent everyone at Utrecht University (UU) being able to access the contents of your team.

How to check the privacy settings

Microsoft Teams has two options for the privacy settings of a team. Whichever setting is active is displayed at the top right of your screen if you are in a team. These are the following.

Organisation (Organisatie): Everyone at UU can open the team and view all of the content.
Team: Only the owners and the members of the team are able to view the content.

 Would you like to change the settings? In that case, read this manual for Teams (see FAQ).

Other matters requiring monitoring

  • Microsoft Teams provides the option of recording meetings. Such recordings can later be viewed via Microsoft Stream. The default setting is the privacy settings of the team holding the meeting. Is it your intention to make recordings for public viewing? Make sure you only do so if the content allows this and privacy is not an issue.

  • Conversations between two individuals and group conversations outside a team can also be recorded. The default setting is that only participants in the conversation in question will have access to the recording.

  • From 20 May on, you will be shown a so-called video disclosure once, when you activate the recording function, which will explain the above as well.

Update on 20 May

Due to a Microsoft Teams update involving the aforementioned video disclosure, after 22:30 on 20 May, you will need to log in to Office 365 applications with your UU email address and password again.