11 December 2018

Morpheus Cup 2019

In 2019 Luxembourg welcomes the 5th edition of the event to be held on May 22nd at the European Convention Center. The Morpheus Cup is held alongside ICT Spring, an influential event to which students will have access to, dedicated to exhibiting and demonstrating the latest relevant trends and innovations and discuss their impact on society and the working world.

Since its first edition in 2015, the Morpheus Cup has been supported by the European Commission to give young talents the possibility to showcase their skills and talents.

This championship is divided into two parts, the Morpheus Prize and the Morpheus Day; which are explained here below:

  • The MORPHEUS PRIZE - students can compete individually or by team by submitting an innovative project or start-up idea before April 1st 2019. They can choose up to 3 categories among the following: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Customer Experience, FinTech, HealthTech, E-commerce, HRtech, Virtual & Augmented Reality. The top 3 projects will be invited to join us in Luxembourg on May 22nd 2019 to pitch in front of an international jury composed of representatives from leading brands.
  • The MORPHEUS DAY - a live competition that will take place on May 22nd 2019 in Luxembourg, at the European Convention Center, where students have the possibility to compete in small teams (2 to 4) and participate in several open-innovation challenges all day long, as well as meet potential employers and face with their European counterparts. The 2019 categories include: Technology & ICT, Business, Marketing, DeepTech & Engineering, Creative Industries.

Many prizes and awards are to be won in both of the championship parts. Please see here for more information or have a look at the website