13 May 2015

Mobile printing: now even easier

Printing via a mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad) has been possible for some time now at the UU. With the advent of the Xerox print portal app, mobile printing is even easier. This development contributes to the ability to work where, when and with whom you want.

In order to print from your smartphone or tablet, you only need to download the Xerox app from your app store or Google Play store. You need to install the app once on your device. For more information about the Xerox print portal app, please visit printing, photocopying and scanning

You already could print your job via laptop or pc for some time by sending an e-mail print@uu.nl. The main difference with this method and the new Xerox print portal app is that you can specify with the app if you want it in black / white or colored.
How to print from your email? You can read it on mobile print via e-mail.